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For this one, I wasn’t really thinking about what to do before I started working on it.

I just wanted to start with the figure in a floating posture.

Despite the fact how much I like the ponytail + cat ears combination, I tried to stay away from cat girl with a ponytail. Also I tried to stay away from any mammal anthromorphs as same reason as Simon, and also, I attempted to minimize the animal-characteristics when in human form to make sure I stay bit away from furries. 



I felt too lazy to use any reference at all, but I guess this is somewhat close. I gotta study face structure more, and improve accuracy of brush stroke.

Finally I’ve done the weekly project on time! this is really big achievement for me. (Although this was very rough drawing)

What I’ve learned while painting this was that shape of mouth really have heavy impact on overall face expression.

for some reason, I was listening to 28 days later sound track while drawing this lol


Sorry about late uploads guys, I guess this is as far as I’ll work on this for now

(Kinda wanna get started on current one, so I can keep up. Maybe I’ll work further if I catch up lol)

As soon as I finish the ongoing one, I’ll try to work on past projects as well

Finishing up the painting/drawing seems to be the hardest challenge for me these days

for some reason, I get stuck and work progress just halts until I unstuck myself time to time

When I was drawing this, I was listening to deadmau5’s Ghosts N Stuff Remix lol

the main motif of this suit was the Anubis, Jackal headed egyptian god associated with afterlife

I was thinking about adding gears and equipment that allows user to shift into spectral realm to be able to face against non-physical entities, but  I got stuck lol