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Week Twelve: A Cliffside City

Our second week of landscape-related drawings, this theme specifically calling for a cliffside city. Unfortunately, I went with something more of a cliffside village instead. And I ended up drawing more of the cliff than anything else…

This scene depicts Seymour and Madison happening upon the Hidden Mountain Village shortly after embarking on their quest. Here, they meet and assist the shinobi siblings, Reikei and Aya, with recovering a stolen artifact. The hardest part of this piece was actually creating a believable sky and waterfall, as I had pretty good references for the cliff. I’m still also getting used to blending and shading with traditional graphite pencils, but that’s just one of many things I have to get used to and perfect.


Shaun x Alex

I told Alex at work that if he wanted, he could send me some lines and I would color a picture for him. Alex took me up on this offer and sent me 2 really nice pictures of one of his original characters, so I went ahead and colored them up for him. Hope you enjoy!




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Week Nine: Nostalgia

~The scars will be ugly, but not the one who bears them. A memory of that distant thunder…~

Thanks to Czar for taking us back to the good ol’ days for this week’s theme! Too bad my childhood wasn’t eventful enough that I’d feature a part of it for my piece, so I revisit the past of one of my characters instead.

Said character is Reikei, a ninja who became the victim of a lightning strike as a child. The accident left him with scars on both hands, but also bestowed him with various psionic and psychokinetic abilities, due to the high amount of electrical current that passed through his body during the strike. He doesn’t utilize ninjitsu as is commonly associated with ninja, but rather hones a unique hybrid of the psionic energy and qi, which is then discharged through his hands in the form of free-running, combustive electricity or focused in the shape of blades.

I experimented with various brushes and colors to emulate a stormy, summer sky for the background, and a fresh, bleeding wound on Reikei’s hands. I’ve always referred to scars in the shape of Lichtenberg figures/feathering as “sunburst” scars (which I’ve recently learned the proper term), and I hoped to incorporate these patterns instead, but I find them too time-consuming to draw.

Week Eight: Landscape

I considered including two of my OCs in this week’s submission, but the focus was on the setting rather than the people occupying it, so I’ll have to do just that for a future piece. :B

This is actually a setting from my story, a hilltop that provides a panoramic view of the main characters’ village and the surrounding landscape. The two characters, Madison and Seymour, frequent this hill to take in the star-strewn sky and on one such night, witness an impending attack on their village…

It was fun going the traditional route this time and using just pencils and a napkin for smudging – well, I also tried using a white gel pen for the stars, but they don’t… uh… gel all too well with pencil – for this piece. As common as they are as an art medium, I’ve been neglecting to use pencils in their various B’s and H’s for quite some time now, because I’ve always used a mechanical pencil.

Yet another enjoyable week, and until the next one!!

Week Seven: Therianthropic Job Classes

Yet again, I incorporate a character from my original work into a theme, utilizing the enigmatic swordsman, Raiyoku, for this week! I imbued various traits from the classic paladin and dark knight classes from the Final Fantasy series in his design: he dons knight-like armor and possesses healing powers, but also wields a longsword with dark properties. This piece demostrates his ability to transform into an eagle-like creature that was featured in a piece from week two. I meant to include a background, but decided against one in the end due to sheer laziness. :/

Week Six: Self-Portraits

I rendered myself in a chibi form for my self-portrait as it’s always a fun style to draw, also because I’m not particularly skilled in realism. And so, here I am attempting to escape from having my picture done, but alas, ’tis in vain as I find myself caught and eternalized in a ridiculous pose.
To be honest, I was considering using one of my characters as a substitute for me in this week’s theme, but the theme was self-portraits, so it wouldn’t have worked…
My favorite part of this piece is actually my dream hat, which I call “Pandwahhh,” essentially a crying panda which I got from the following equation: panda + wahhh (a crying sound) = Pandwahhh!!… have I also mentioned that I’m not particularly skilled in wordplay either?…

Week Five: Paranormal Special Ops

For this week’s piece, I put a lot more emphasis on the “paranormal” aspect than I did “special operations”, so I apologize for the lack of Metal Gear Solid or Call of Duty-esque elements in this piece. Including my character Aya was essential in making up for this, as she wears a skin-tight catsuit while in combat, which was actually inspired by other catsuit-donning characters (ex. Catwoman, The Black Cat, and especially The Black Widow) while I was designing her costume. Besides the catsuit, I had Aya peering around the corner in search of the enemy, something that a special ops agent would typically do. Drawing and coloring her was my favorite part of this piece and she ended up being the focal point, because who’s going to spend their time looking at the creepy demons when you’ve got a beautiful kunoichi in a revealing catsuit?

The idea behind this piece is Aya hunting down demon masks – the two featured in this piece modeled after the tengu and hannya– with the assisstance of an inugami, a dog familiar spirit charged with protecting it’s owner. There are also various hitodamas thrown in to top it off. Out of all the creatures from Japanese folklore I could have chosen from, these were some of the easiest. And I know that special ops agents typically wield firearms as weapons, but with Aya being a ninja and all, a gun would have felt off. And one of these days too, I’m going to have to feature Aya wielding her katana, but a kunai will have to do for now.

As always, I’m excited to see everyone else’s submissions, and until next time!

Week Four: Dream Room

This week’s theme was courtesy of Mr. Cullins, who had us envision our rooms as we’ve always dreamed of. My ideal room is orderly, clean, and the walls covered with pieces from my favorite artists. I’d also have a bookshelf filled with various art supplies, including a collection of Copics, artbooks, manga, DVDs, CDs… Oh, and I would have an endless supply of snacks handy, which I would keep stashed in my closet, along with a rack of argyle sweaters in every color imaginable. I couldn’t include all the elements in this piece due to time constraints and space, unfortunately.
I included my characters Leon, Seymour, and Madison, the latter two who give a tour of the room. It was good practice drawing them in chibi form, and I had the most fun with their expressions. Please refer to the following link so one can know exactly what they’re all saying and for the full size:

Can’t wait to see everyone else’s pieces and for next week’s theme!

Week Three: A mech and wizard

Another week, another challenge. This week’s theme was mechs and wizards. Drawing the latter? Me gusta, no problemo. But having to draw mechs??
Me no like

I used to collect kits like these during trips to Hong Kong, so I have a box filled with various mech figurines and their various parts that were used as a reference, since I have NO idea how mechs work and function, let alone draw them.
Gundam Kits
As initally difficult as these themes are…

… I’m coming to enjoy the challenges associated with them, as the ones we’ve had so far include something that I’ve had little to no experience drawing, so it ends up becoming fun seeing how far outside of my comfort zone I can go. I’m also beginning to develop a structured, effective coloring process as well, so yay for achievement!

Here’s to next week, and please excuse the overload of pics!

Week Two: Battle At Sea

Submission for week two! “The Divine Spirit of Language,” the song used for this week’s theme, was featured in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, the third installment in the Star Ocean series by Enix. It’s played during a boss battle against Crosell, a hulking behemoth of a dragon that’s literally 20x larger than the characters. So, I was inspired to draw a similar battle, though the story behind it is completely different, and the opponent is not quite as large. 😉

There were quite a few things in this pic that I’m particularly proud of:

  • Raiyoku in his eagle form, which is actually based off art I’ve seen of Japanese hawks; his human form can be seen here:
  • a believable sea and sky (oh, how I love the water tool…)
  • getting all six of my main characters in one pic, even though only 1.5 out of 6 are fully visible… and their colors were done quite poorly…

I hope to incorporate my characters in future submissions, and look forward to week three. And thanks so much to Simon for starting this whole thing!!! 😀