We are five young artists with great plans, and this blog is a record of our progress.

Contributors are as follows:

Simon–A dirty hipster who draws too meticulously for his own good; continuously trying to finish a webcomic that may eventually see the light of day.  The blog was his idea.





Alex–An awe-inspiring, astounding, and amazingly-artistic Asian who admires the awesome work of Azuma Mayumi. He hopes to one day own a collection of argyle sweaters in every color in existence and have a lifetime supply of gummy candy.




Bummby–Will not reveal his first name because the Illuminati are after him.  Inspired by the art of Daryl Mandryk and Masashi Kishimoto, he doodles perpetually, unaware of his own genius.













One thought on “About

  1. Sammy says:

    This is kinda cool Bob knows what hes doing. You other guys cool too though.

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