Monthly Archives: June 2012

Modest Medusa Art

So it’s been a little slow around here lately.  Until everyone’s ready to do more of the weekly drawings, I thought I’d throw some other work I did up here, fanart for a contest over at Modest Medusa.  The author of that comic, Jake Richmond, is the guy who taught 90% of this group 90% of what we know about art, so I think he deserves the plug.  Go check it out.


Week Twelve: A Cliffside City

Our second week of landscape-related drawings, this theme specifically calling for a cliffside city. Unfortunately, I went with something more of a cliffside village instead. And I ended up drawing more of the cliff than anything else…

This scene depicts Seymour and Madison happening upon the Hidden Mountain Village shortly after embarking on their quest. Here, they meet and assist the shinobi siblings, Reikei and Aya, with recovering a stolen artifact. The hardest part of this piece was actually creating a believable sky and waterfall, as I had pretty good references for the cliff. I’m still also getting used to blending and shading with traditional graphite pencils, but that’s just one of many things I have to get used to and perfect.