Week Eleven: Obligatory Video Game Fanart

Now that all the brief convention commotion has died down, we can get back to our regular posts.  Pretty much every artist does fanart at one point, so let’s have a week of that, eh?

This is Jenassa, my errant traveling companion and talented face-stabber in Skyrim.  I actually tried to put a proper background in this one, seeing as I need to try my hand at more landscapes, but I noticed something strange about halfway through: the background and the character did not interact with each other at all, and the character didn’t seem to fit anywhere in the background.  My composition clearly needs work.  So I separated the two (one of many reasons why Photoshop is awesome) and I suppose they stand reasonably well as individual pieces.  Ah, well.  So many factors to consider when doing an illustration, but I’m slowly learning.


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