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Week Eleven: Obligatory Video Game Fanart

Now that all the brief convention commotion has died down, we can get back to our regular posts.  Pretty much every artist does fanart at one point, so let’s have a week of that, eh?

This is Jenassa, my errant traveling companion and talented face-stabber in Skyrim.  I actually tried to put a proper background in this one, seeing as I need to try my hand at more landscapes, but I noticed something strange about halfway through: the background and the character did not interact with each other at all, and the character didn’t seem to fit anywhere in the background.  My composition clearly needs work.  So I separated the two (one of many reasons why Photoshop is awesome) and I suppose they stand reasonably well as individual pieces.  Ah, well.  So many factors to consider when doing an illustration, but I’m slowly learning.


Shaun x Alex

I told Alex at work that if he wanted, he could send me some lines and I would color a picture for him. Alex took me up on this offer and sent me 2 really nice pictures of one of his original characters, so I went ahead and colored them up for him. Hope you enjoy!




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Well, I’m new here so I thought that I would finally get around to posting. Been super busy with work, but in my off-time I like to stay busy with various art projects. I do all ranges of art, from traditional dry media to digital painting and everything in between. I am currently focused on digital painting for my upcoming art season, but have a few comic projects in the pipeline too, so you’ll see posts in many different styles from me. I am always down to help, so if anyone ever needs anything or wants to know about a process, don’t hesitate to let me know and I can help you out!

To start, here are 2 comic paintings I threw together for practice using a new digital painting technique I discovered on They were really fun, and I am looking forward to doing more in the future!



The Amazing Spider-man, a speed painting


Kara Kent, the girl of steel

Week Ten: post-apocalyptic


I had a good bit a fun with this I really like how the character turned out and some of the buildings are alright. All that’s missing now is some color! xP

Week Nine: Nostalgia

~The scars will be ugly, but not the one who bears them. A memory of that distant thunder…~

Thanks to Czar for taking us back to the good ol’ days for this week’s theme! Too bad my childhood wasn’t eventful enough that I’d feature a part of it for my piece, so I revisit the past of one of my characters instead.

Said character is Reikei, a ninja who became the victim of a lightning strike as a child. The accident left him with scars on both hands, but also bestowed him with various psionic and psychokinetic abilities, due to the high amount of electrical current that passed through his body during the strike. He doesn’t utilize ninjitsu as is commonly associated with ninja, but rather hones a unique hybrid of the psionic energy and qi, which is then discharged through his hands in the form of free-running, combustive electricity or focused in the shape of blades.

I experimented with various brushes and colors to emulate a stormy, summer sky for the background, and a fresh, bleeding wound on Reikei’s hands. I’ve always referred to scars in the shape of Lichtenberg figures/feathering as “sunburst” scars (which I’ve recently learned the proper term), and I hoped to incorporate these patterns instead, but I find them too time-consuming to draw.