Week Eight: Landscape

I considered including two of my OCs in this week’s submission, but the focus was on the setting rather than the people occupying it, so I’ll have to do just that for a future piece. :B

This is actually a setting from my story, a hilltop that provides a panoramic view of the main characters’ village and the surrounding landscape. The two characters, Madison and Seymour, frequent this hill to take in the star-strewn sky and on one such night, witness an impending attack on their village…

It was fun going the traditional route this time and using just pencils and a napkin for smudging – well, I also tried using a white gel pen for the stars, but they don’t… uh… gel all too well with pencil – for this piece. As common as they are as an art medium, I’ve been neglecting to use pencils in their various B’s and H’s for quite some time now, because I’ve always used a mechanical pencil.

Yet another enjoyable week, and until the next one!!


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