Week Seven: Therianthropic

This week’s theme, courtesy of Alex, was to draw a humanoid animal with a costume and occupation that reflected the animal’s personality.  That strayed a little too close to the furry line for me,  and a man has his limits.   ಠ_ಠ  Instead, I crapped out and did something closely related.  The word therianthropic originally referred to mythical beings that took the form of animals, so this is a rendition of the Celtic war goddess the Morrígan, who was often depicted as a crow and was heavily associated with crows (and may or may not also be Badbh or Macha, other war goddesses who could turn into crows, or they may be three separate entities–Celtic mythology is confusing as hell).  She would fly about on battlefields and inspire fear or courage in the combatants, and was always present at the death of a great warrior.

As an aside, read up on the myths of the British Isles; they’re insanely badass.


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