Sorry about late uploads guys, I guess this is as far as I’ll work on this for now

(Kinda wanna get started on current one, so I can keep up. Maybe I’ll work further if I catch up lol)

As soon as I finish the ongoing one, I’ll try to work on past projects as well

Finishing up the painting/drawing seems to be the hardest challenge for me these days

for some reason, I get stuck and work progress just halts until I unstuck myself time to time

When I was drawing this, I was listening to deadmau5’s Ghosts N Stuff Remix lol

the main motif of this suit was the Anubis, Jackal headed egyptian god associated with afterlife

I was thinking about adding gears and equipment that allows user to shift into spectral realm to be able to face against non-physical entities, but  I got stuck lol



  1. Davie says:

    Love it! And it’s good to have you posting stuff, your style compliments the rest of ours quite nicely. Here’s to many more weeks of awesome drawings!

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