Week Five: Paranormal Special Ops

For this week’s piece, I put a lot more emphasis on the “paranormal” aspect than I did “special operations”, so I apologize for the lack of Metal Gear Solid or Call of Duty-esque elements in this piece. Including my character Aya was essential in making up for this, as she wears a skin-tight catsuit while in combat, which was actually inspired by other catsuit-donning characters (ex. Catwoman, The Black Cat, and especially The Black Widow) while I was designing her costume. Besides the catsuit, I had Aya peering around the corner in search of the enemy, something that a special ops agent would typically do. Drawing and coloring her was my favorite part of this piece and she ended up being the focal point, because who’s going to spend their time looking at the creepy demons when you’ve got a beautiful kunoichi in a revealing catsuit?

The idea behind this piece is Aya hunting down demon masks – the two featured in this piece modeled after the tengu and hannya– with the assisstance of an inugami, a dog familiar spirit charged with protecting it’s owner. There are also various hitodamas thrown in to top it off. Out of all the creatures from Japanese folklore I could have chosen from, these were some of the easiest. And I know that special ops agents typically wield firearms as weapons, but with Aya being a ninja and all, a gun would have felt off. And one of these days too, I’m going to have to feature Aya wielding her katana, but a kunai will have to do for now.

As always, I’m excited to see everyone else’s submissions, and until next time!


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