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Week Eight: Landscape

Something we all need practice with!  This was very loosely based off a photo of Mt. Rainier–I used it for a bit of texture and lighting reference but it is by no means pixel for pixel.  I learned many things about Photoshop painting this and also came to realize how much I don’t know.  It needs another six or seven hours of work before I’ll be fully happy with it, but it’s pretty much presentable right now.


Week Eight: Landscape

I considered including two of my OCs in this week’s submission, but the focus was on the setting rather than the people occupying it, so I’ll have to do just that for a future piece. :B

This is actually a setting from my story, a hilltop that provides a panoramic view of the main characters’ village and the surrounding landscape. The two characters, Madison and Seymour, frequent this hill to take in the star-strewn sky and on one such night, witness an impending attack on their village…

It was fun going the traditional route this time and using just pencils and a napkin for smudging – well, I also tried using a white gel pen for the stars, but they don’t… uh… gel all too well with pencil – for this piece. As common as they are as an art medium, I’ve been neglecting to use pencils in their various B’s and H’s for quite some time now, because I’ve always used a mechanical pencil.

Yet another enjoyable week, and until the next one!!



For this one, I wasn’t really thinking about what to do before I started working on it.

I just wanted to start with the figure in a floating posture.

Despite the fact how much I like the ponytail + cat ears combination, I tried to stay away from cat girl with a ponytail. Also I tried to stay away from any mammal anthromorphs as same reason as Simon, and also, I attempted to minimize the animal-characteristics when in human form to make sure I stay bit away from furries. 

Week Seven: Therianthropic Job Classes

Yet again, I incorporate a character from my original work into a theme, utilizing the enigmatic swordsman, Raiyoku, for this week! I imbued various traits from the classic paladin and dark knight classes from the Final Fantasy series in his design: he dons knight-like armor and possesses healing powers, but also wields a longsword with dark properties. This piece demostrates his ability to transform into an eagle-like creature that was featured in a piece from week two. I meant to include a background, but decided against one in the end due to sheer laziness. :/

Week Seven: Therianthropic Job Classes

I present to you…the Weeaboo King!  What animal isn’t he?

Week Seven: Therianthropic Job Classes

Week Seven: Therianthropic Job Classes

I had so much fun with this one! I got the idea of this painting from a dream my friend had, he dreamed of a lady singing while wearing a lovely feathered dress. And also I really wanted to draw a bird-lady molting.

The best part of this was I learned how to properly use Crayola Watercolors. Which actually can work pretty well if you have a good palette.

Week Seven: Therianthropic

This week’s theme, courtesy of Alex, was to draw a humanoid animal with a costume and occupation that reflected the animal’s personality.  That strayed a little too close to the furry line for me,  and a man has his limits.   ಠ_ಠ  Instead, I crapped out and did something closely related.  The word therianthropic originally referred to mythical beings that took the form of animals, so this is a rendition of the Celtic war goddess the Morrígan, who was often depicted as a crow and was heavily associated with crows (and may or may not also be Badbh or Macha, other war goddesses who could turn into crows, or they may be three separate entities–Celtic mythology is confusing as hell).  She would fly about on battlefields and inspire fear or courage in the combatants, and was always present at the death of a great warrior.

As an aside, read up on the myths of the British Isles; they’re insanely badass.

Week Six: Self-Portrait

Well this took several tries to get right…almost trashed this one as well but I saw it through to a semi finished state.


I felt too lazy to use any reference at all, but I guess this is somewhat close. I gotta study face structure more, and improve accuracy of brush stroke.

Finally I’ve done the weekly project on time! this is really big achievement for me. (Although this was very rough drawing)

What I’ve learned while painting this was that shape of mouth really have heavy impact on overall face expression.

for some reason, I was listening to 28 days later sound track while drawing this lol

Week Six: Self-Portraits

Ah, the obligatory self-portrait.  Every artist should do them, because there’s no face you know better than your own, unless you somehow don’t have access to a mirror.  Incidentally, this is the first one I’ve done that is both recognizable as me and doesn’t make me look like a serial killer, so fuck yeah progress!