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Week: Two & Three

So these were late, but here ya go…


Week Three: Wizards and Mechs

This week’s idea was thanks to Blane saying, “Well, I wanted to suggest something to the group with wizards and mechs–OH WAIT YEAH”

Finals this week incidentally required a lot of drawing, so I didn’t have much time to spend on this one, hence the lateness and overall sketchiness of the image.  Throwing together robots in Photoshop is always fun though.

Week Three: A mech and wizard

Another week, another challenge. This week’s theme was mechs and wizards. Drawing the latter? Me gusta, no problemo. But having to draw mechs??
Me no like

I used to collect kits like these during trips to Hong Kong, so I have a box filled with various mech figurines and their various parts that were used as a reference, since I have NO idea how mechs work and function, let alone draw them.
Gundam Kits
As initally difficult as these themes are…

… I’m coming to enjoy the challenges associated with them, as the ones we’ve had so far include something that I’ve had little to no experience drawing, so it ends up becoming fun seeing how far outside of my comfort zone I can go. I’m also beginning to develop a structured, effective coloring process as well, so yay for achievement!

Here’s to next week, and please excuse the overload of pics!

Week Two: Star Ocean Soundtrack

So this week’s theme was to draw a piece inspired by this impressively tenacious piece of music.  At first my mind was filled with scenes of epic space battles and animesque drama, but when you’re eight minutes into a guitar solo it eventually works its way into every corner of your brain and boots every other thought in the ass.  So I drew, simply put, what I imagine the effects of an eight minute guitar solo are on the musician.

Coloring this was fun; I’m finally settling into a method I’m comfortable with.



Week Two: Battle At Sea

Submission for week two! “The Divine Spirit of Language,” the song used for this week’s theme, was featured in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, the third installment in the Star Ocean series by Enix. It’s played during a boss battle against Crosell, a hulking behemoth of a dragon that’s literally 20x larger than the characters. So, I was inspired to draw a similar battle, though the story behind it is completely different, and the opponent is not quite as large. 😉

There were quite a few things in this pic that I’m particularly proud of:

  • Raiyoku in his eagle form, which is actually based off art I’ve seen of Japanese hawks; his human form can be seen here:
  • a believable sea and sky (oh, how I love the water tool…)
  • getting all six of my main characters in one pic, even though only 1.5 out of 6 are fully visible… and their colors were done quite poorly…

I hope to incorporate my characters in future submissions, and look forward to week three. And thanks so much to Simon for starting this whole thing!!! 😀

Week One: Goblin Explorers

My submission for our inaugural concept of the week!! This was colored with the crayon tool in PT SAI, a fitting medium given that the goblins were depicted in a chibi style. My original idea involved four goblins modeled after four famous explorers: Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon; Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant who travelled to Asia alongside his father and uncle; Erik the Red, the Viking who settled in Greenland, and Zhang Qian, who helped to establish the Silk Road in Central Asia. I didn’t want to over-exert myself for a first effort, so I settled with just the latter two, and what and where they’re actually exploring is something I never actually thought out. Along the way, however, they do run into a little problem(?)…

Week One: Goblin Explorer

This would have to be my first time drawing a goblin, and thus learning the anatomy of one, is kinda fun.
I thought the legs look weird to me at first till I looked up artwork from all kinds of sources and found that they are short, though I fear the head kinda looks like an ork head.
the shading is all done on pen (I didn’t plan it out) and there were hairs on his arms, but it kinda looks like shading.
All in all for my first time I’ve enjoyed this and can’t wait for next week.

Week One: Goblin Explorer


Hello, this is my first piece, and I do plan to color. Any “Constructive Criticism” is welcome.

Week One: Goblin Explorer

So, welcome to the blog, and such.  Essentially, each week someone will come up with an idea, and the rest of us will draw off of that.  The first week was mine: goblin explorer.

I wanted to accomplish two things with this:  To avoid simplifying the character and give his outfit and equipment some interesting details, which I feel was a success, and to do an environment I’d never done before, in this case a cave shaft.  Stupidly enough on my part, however, I didn’t actually bother to find out what that particular geological formation actually looked like until this was 90% done, so it doesn’t look the best.  On the bright side, real-world cave shafts are effing awesome.